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GigEagle matches skilled Talent from across the Department of Defense, solving tough challenges and transforming how we Serve.

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Works across all Service Branches, Guard and Reserve components.

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The GigEagle Platform —

AI-identified skilled DoD Talent solving short-term problem sets.

What is short-term?

Short-term work opportunities, or gigs, usually range from four hours to 90 days, are posted by DoD organizations and open initially to U.S. Reservists and National Guard Members. Following launch, GigEagle will be open to all personnel across DoD.

GigEagle matches people to gigs and gigs to people.

Gigs Are:
Specific to skill sets and experience
Gigs Are Not:
A new civilian job
A replacement of your annual required duty
What's a gig?

Sharing my skills.

You're a part-time Reservist or National Guard Member but you also have amazing talents gained from your civilian career, wouldn't it be great if you could match your skills to open opportunities where you can make real mission impact?

GigEagle matches you to open opportunities.

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Add your resumé and create your profile.
Receive or find matches to gigs with your skills, experience, timing and locale.
How to share my skills?

Find skilled Talent.

You're working on a project and you've encountered a problem set you and your internal team need help with and you don't know who across the DoD may be able to solve for it.

GigEagle matches that person to your needs.

Getting started is simple. Sign In / Sign Up
Post your gig opportunity with the skills, locale, experience and timing you need.
Instantly view and connect with the best skilled personnel matches.
How to find talent

We are in a war for talent, and we're going after the best and brightest… And we are going to do what it takes to keep them… People don't want to be treated like interchangeable parts in an industrial-age process… They want to be recognized for their unique talents.

Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr.Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

An AI-powered platform for uncovering and matching talent.

Increase Talent Reach. Match skills to needs. Transform how we Serve.

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All-In-One Dashboard

Easily track the progress of all your postings and applications in one place.

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Secure and Certified

Identity Assurance Level 3 (IAL3), all files and data are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

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Simple Searching

Search how you like and by what matters to you; skill, location, time and more.

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Easy Access

Access GigEagle on NIPR, Desktop and Mobile, it works wherever you are working.

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Joint Services Connected

Connects experts across all Service Branches, Guard and Reserve components maximizing success efforts.

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Machine optimized to match the talent to opportunities.

"We're stronger when we have people who bring their knowledge and expertise to bear from all sectors — industry, academia, non-profits, other parts of government, and elsewhere." - DSD Kathleen Hicks

Let GigEagle unlock your talent for DoD short-term work.

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