FAQ & Support

Everything you need to know about the GigEagle platform.


Guide for those seeking gigs

For frequently asked questions that Gig Workers may have on the functionality of Gig Eagle in order to become more comfortable with the user interface and Gig Worker Hub capacities.

Download Guide (PDF)

Guide for those posting gigs

For frequently asked questions that Gig Managers may have on the functionality of Gig Eagle in order to become more comfortable with the user interface and administration capacities.

Download Guide (PDF)

Login Issues

For your first login

For your first login, you must login with a CAC on a laptop or desktop

Mobile access if you are Reserve and National Guard

For mobile access after you have completed your first login on a desktop you may use the EightFold App:

Mobile access if you are active Duty or a DoD Civilian

For mobile access use the GigEagle website after you have completed your first login on a desktop.

I still can't login

If you are still having issues getting in to Gig Eagle, please send an email to gigeagle-helpdesk@diu.mil

Common Questions

My email is incorrect in GigEagle

If you notice that your military email is incorrect when logging into Gig Eagle, you may need to have it updated with the Defense Military Data Center (DMDC) Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) record. In order to correct any discrepancies the service member must contact DMDC directly.

You can verify the information stored in DMDC here: Sign into milConnect here.

  • Choose 'My Profile'
  • Click 'Update and View My Profile'
  • Select the MIL tab and verify if your information is current and correct, and click 'Submit' to add or update any of your contact information.

To update your military email:

  • Choose the CAC update option (requires specific Active client SW) or
  • Contact the DMDC/DEERS Support Office (DSO): (800) 538-9552 or
  • Make an In person appointment at a local ID office, see this link for locations.
How do I check my authentication information on file?

To check your authentication information on file, go to af.okta.mil and click your name at top right and select settings

Is there an intent to involve your assigned unit supervisor for approval prior to their personnel taking on gigs?

Yes, from the get-go, we saw the need for supervisors to approve participation in gigs for their service members. We ask reservists and guardsmen to enter the name and email of their supervisor when applying for a gig. This is stored until that member potentially receives an offer to staff the gig. At that time both the reservist/guardsman and their supervisor receive an email notifying them of the opportunity. We encourage both to discuss the opportunity in advance and it is up to the reservist/guardsman to coordinate their supervisor's approval. Formal approval / processing of orders / other paperwork all still happens off-platform and is not a current feature of Gig Eagle.

Is GigEagle open to anyone in the DoD?

GigEagle is currently open to all U.S. military members and DoD government civilians. All users are able to post a gig and view other posted gig opportunities. Only Reservists and National Guard Members are able to build their profiles and apply to work on gigs. GigEagle has enabled a small number of rules governing who can and cannot be staffed on cross component gigs between the National Guard and Reserve. In the future, we envision opening the system to allow all personnel across DoD to use GigEagle for finding and engaging the best talent to solve their needs.

Who funds the Gigs? The Active Component? If so, can the funding flow across services?

When a reservist creates their profile, they need to specify what kinds of compensation they are willing to accept for gigs (paid, points, etc). When a gig manager inputs their gig description, they need to specify whether the gig is funded and the type of funding available. From that time, each party can see what the counterparty has on offer. The system will not match based on this, but it at least provides the basis for conversation between the two to see if they can work it out. All compensation for gigs will take place off-platform during prototype testing.

Long-term, the vision for Gig Eagle is that funding will be able to flow across the services: if the Air Force has a need that an Army reservist can fill, we sincerely hope that discovering that talent would pave the way to staff the gig despite branch affiliation. However — practically speaking for the short-term — the normal DoD complications still apply. At the moment, Gig Eagle as a platform is doing nothing to overcome these hurdles…but we certainly hope to be able to remove this friction someday.

How to I provide feedback for GigEagle?

If you have feedback on the platform for the Gig Eagle team, please fill out this Google Form.

Common Definitions

Pay & Compensation

Gigs will be funded using existing personnel duty statuses, such as active orders (ex: ADOS), drill periods (ex: IDTs, ATPs), points-only, etc. The gig manager must specify what form(s) of compensation apply to the gig. It's up to the Gig worker (Reservist/Guardsman) to determine if that duty type is appropriate. All funding and approvals are currently handled off-platform.

Remote Work & Duty Status

Gigs may be performed on-site, remotely, some combination of both, as specified by the gig manager. The GigEagle team is seeking a variety of exceptions to policy (ETPs) related to allowing the use of more flexible DoD pay and duty statuses for the benefit of the service members ability to take on short term gigs and encourage broad participation in the program.

Platform Focus

GigEagle's main focus is on talent matching - filling DoD gig managers' needs (demand) with reservists' expertise (supply). GigEagle is not envisioned to be a human resource system, a personnel system, a payment system, or a billeting system. Many tertiary aspects of doing gig work will still be accomplished via existing legacy military systems, or integrated into future versions of GigEagle.

Platform Roadmap

The first iteration of Gig Eagle will focus on the Reserve and National Guard components. In due course, GigEagle could expand the talent pool to select active-duty members, civilians, and other DoD personnel. Eventually, the talent pool may expand beyond existing DoD employees, opening up incredible access to the world's top non-DoD affiliated talent.

Benefit to DoD

GigEagle will increase mission effectiveness while unlocking the talents of 1 million Guard and reserve (including 200,000 IRR members) and accessing always-on innovators (ex: entrepreneurs, engineers, academics). Additionally, Gig Eagle has the potential to generate significant cost savings, accelerate workforce development (e.g. attract, retain, educate, and train the future workforce), promote inclusion, and decrease the need for travel and geographic limitations on talent.